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Angela White-Wenger

Web on Clay (222), Collected September 25, 2022

Web on Clay (222), Collected September 25, 2022

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Orb web of Pacific Northwestern orb weaver spider (Zygiella x-notata, or "missing sector spider") gathered and fossilized on porcelain cast of pebble from the shores of the Salmon River, Oregon.

The porcelain "pebble" is set in a hand-made silver bezel and silver backing, connected by hand-made silver jump rings to a 19" chain and hand-made silver clasp.

The date stamped on the back is when the web was gathered.

Blending traditions of wildlife farming, print making, natural science illustration, ceramics and metalsmithing, these trace fossils and wearable spells encourage daily, interactive reflection on the majesty of spiders, the interrelatedness of all living things, and the possibility of interspecies love.

Image 01: Front

Image 02: Back

Image 03: Clasp

Image 04: Gathering of the web

Approximately 7/8” width x 1” height, 19" chain.

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